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The Coronavirus Impact on Fashion Industry Hiring

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On March 5th, we conducted a quick survey of 50 fashion industry recruiters and hiring managers on the Coronavirus‘s impact on their hiring. Here are the results…

Given recent developments, we plan to update this survey in the coming week.

Has the Coronavirus impacted your hiring?

51% of all respondents claimed that the Coronavirus is NOT impacting their hiring.

26% of all respondents claimed that the Coronavirus is not impacting their hiring at this time BUT it could in the near future.

23% of all respondents claimed that Coronavirus concerns have slowed hiring, stopped new hires or have caused layoffs.

Of those (the 23%) who claimed that the Coronavirus outbreak has impacted their hiring, anticipate hiring to return to normal in…

50% of these respondents anticipate that hiring will return to normal in the next few months.

27% claim that it is too soon to know when hiring will return to normal.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you are in need of a job, there are still plenty of companies hiring fashion industry professionals but overall, the mood of the industry is that of caution.

Be sure to follow our coverage of how the Coronavirus is impacting the fashion industry and fashion industry hiring.

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