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September Surge: How to get Ready for EOY Hiring!

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The September Surge, lasting from September through October, denotes a significant uptick in hiring activity following Labor Day. This phenomenon is spurred by several factors, including the return of recruiters and hiring managers from summer vacations, parents having more time to focus on hiring as their children return to school, and the urgency among companies to fill positions before the holiday season. Additionally, the impending end of the fiscal year prompts some organizations to accelerate hiring efforts, tapping into available budgets and making September a prime opportunity for job seekers to secure new opportunities.

The September Surge is real. Are you ready for it? Here’s what to do…


Have you changed companies? Taken-on new responsibilities? Got a new title? Make sure your resume information is both current AND easily read. Make sure to update your resume wherever it may be; hardcopy, job boards, company websites and recruitment agencies.

This might also be a great to time to evaluate the format of your resume. For example, as job seekers gain experience, the trend is to move from a resume that is in a chronological format to one that is more accomplishment based. There are a lot of good resources online for resume writing. If you aren’t getting a lot of hits on your resume, it might be time for a format change!

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Let’s say you’ve lost your job. What resources would you use to find a new one? What companies would you target for employment? What contacts do you have that could help you find a new job? Do you want to work in the same capacity or do something different? What skills do you need? Answering these questions for yourself AND writing them down will put you on job search footing from day one and let you hit the ground running.

3. UPDATE YOUR STYLECAREERS.COM PROFILE is (by far) the most important place to have your resume if you are a fashion industry professional. Why? First, roughly 82% of fashion industry recruiters and hiring managers claim that is their #1 or #2 source for fashion industry talent. If you aren’t on, there is a good chance, you are at a disadvantage to those who are. Second, lists the most fashion industry jobs of any resource; more than WWD, California News and even LinkedIn. Couple the most fashion industry jobs with the most accurate job alert system and you will always be among the first to know about new positions.

Don’t have a profile? The newly re-designed profiles are super-easy to create (3 simple questions) and more importantly, offer 3 levels of privacy (all recruiters, no recruiters). What are you waiting for, create your here!

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Most people use their work email address as their their primary email address on LinkedIn. This practice is fine when the profile holder has a job but can keep those who have been furloughed or laid-off from being contacted by recruiters and hiring managers.

If you have been laid-off or even furloughed, make sure that your personal email address is your primary email address on LinkedIn. Not only are recruiters less likely to contact job seekers who only include a work email address, by law, furloughed workers are not allowed to access their work email accounts. Update your LinkedIn profile’s preferred email address here:

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With respect to social media, assume that a potential employer will see EVERYTHING you’ve ever posted and EVERYTHING that anyone else may have posted about you. Keep in mind that your social media profiles are not your only social media presence. Tagged photos of you, comments you’ve made, groups you’ve joined and events you’ve attended are likely to be available to potential employers.


An “Elevator Pitch” is a concise, carefully planned and well-practiced description of the VALUE you bring to a company. The pitch should be easily understood by a layman and last 30-45 seconds; the typical time it takes to ride an elevator.

You never know when you might bump into someone who might be able to help in your job search. Make sure your Elevator Pitch is up-to-date, polished and practiced!


There is a good chance that your first interviews after the lockdown will be via Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting or some other video conferencing service. It is important that job seekers practice with this technology before the interview; this is extra-important for older job seekers.

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The September Surge is indeed a golden opportunity for job seekers to make a significant impact on their careers. As the labor market gears up for a busy post-summer season, it’s essential to be proactive and well-prepared. Start by refreshing your resume and considering a format update to highlight your accomplishments effectively. Make lists, set your job search goals, and identify potential companies and contacts to help you in your journey. Don’t forget to update your profile, especially if you’re in the fashion industry, where it’s a critical resource. Also, ensure your LinkedIn and social media profiles reflect your professional image, and always be ready with a well-rehearsed elevator pitch. Lastly, as video interviews become more common, practice using the technology to ensure you make a strong impression. Embrace the September Surge with these steps, and you’ll be well-prepared to seize the opportunities it offers and secure a bright future in your career.

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