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EVERYONE WEARS CLOTHES…  …and shoes, hats, belts, etc. 

While things may seem dire right now, it is important to note that this crisis is not permanent.  Eventually, things will return to normal (or some new version of normal).  When they do, we think fashion industry employment will come roaring back.  The trick is to be ready.

For those who doubt this, we came back from the Spanish Flu, 2 World Wars, Disco and even high-waisted pants.  We’ll come back from this too.

PLEASE NOTE: does not make money from candidate profiles OR by job placements. This advice is being offered because we want our community to flourish in the face of this unprecedented adversity.


To be fair, we can’t help pay your bills or educate your kids.  We can’t help you find hand sanitizer or toilet paper.  We can however, help you with your career; job search advice, salary info, company research and most importantly, job alerts! 


If you already have a profile on StyleCareers.comupdate it now and update it often.  

Why?  Updating a profile changes that profile’s last login date making it look newer or fresher to recruiters.  Newer/fresher profiles are more likely to be noticed by recruiters; ultimately, leading to more interviews.

If you don’t have a profile on StyleCareers.comCREATE ONE.  Why? Job alerts!  When the industry bounces back, knowing what is available could be the difference in landing a new job or having someone beat you to it.  All you need is a resume and an email address to get started.  

With 3 different levels of privacy, there is no reason NOT to create a profile on

STAY INFORMED is the fashion industry’s careerist blog. Please use this site for fashion-specific career advice, company research and COVID-19 news as it relates to the fashion industry.


People who are prepared for the fashion industry to bounce back are more likely to have their pick of the best jobs.  Those who wait, are almost assured to miss-out on the best opportunities.  

Your friends at don’t want you to miss out.

As an industry, we are all in this together.  As the industry’s leading job board (20 years running!), the crew at will do all we can to help fashion industry job seekers through these tough times.

On behalf of the whole crew at, we hope that everyone stays safe during this crisis.  Hope the best but plan for the worst.

Chris Kidd

Chris Kidd

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