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How to Avoid Getting Laid off

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With the potential of a recession on the horizon due to rising inflation and interest rates, many people are worried about the possibility of being laid off. However, there are steps you can take to improve your value and potentially avoid a layoff.

The most important factor in avoiding a layoff is to increase your value to your employer. You can do this by shifting from positions that cost the company money to positions that generate revenue. Marketing and sales-based roles, such as Account Executives, Sales Admins, eCommerce Marketing, and Social Media Managers, are often safe during a down economy as they contribute to the company’s revenue.

Being likable and socially connected can also help protect your job. Work on improving your attitude, energy, and enthusiasm to demonstrate that you care about your team, colleagues, and the company as a whole.

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Volunteering to work on larger company projects, especially those that are difficult and high-profile, can also help protect your job. If you’re a key contributor to a critical project, management is less likely to lay you off as they can’t afford to lose your contribution.

Sharing your skills with others can also increase your value to the company. Rather than keeping your skills to yourself, teach and coach others, and show that you can bring out the best in your colleagues.

If a layoff does occur, avoid engaging in gossip or negative behavior. Focus on improving yourself to become the type of employee another company would want to hire. Improve your executive presence, emotional intelligence, leadership skills, sales skills, business acumen, and other key skills related to your desired position.

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Ultimately, show your employer that you are a valuable asset to the company. Demonstrate your willingness to help achieve the company’s goals and show that you are eager to work. By taking steps to improve your value, you can potentially avoid being part of layoffs and position yourself for success in the future.

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