Top 5 Pet Peeves of Fashion Industry Recruiters

By  | conducted a survey of 100 fashion industry recruiters to find out which job seeker habits annoy them the most.  To be clear, this exercise was not intended to insult fashion industry job seekers but rather to help them avoid practices that could keep them from getting a job.  If you want to stay on a recruiter’s good side, be sure to avoid the following:




#1.  Unprepared for the interview

Examples of not being prepared for the interview include: not researching the hiring company, unable to answer basic interview questions, asking generic questions, etc…

A great way to be prepared is to practice answering common interview questions and to have an elevator pitch.


#2.  Poorly written resume/cover letter (no cover letter) 

With spell check, grammar check, online templates and job search blogs, there is no excuse for a poorly written resume these days. We have compiled quite a few articles on resume writing specifically for fashion industry professionals

Need help with your resume? Want to compare your resume to what the experts are saying? Here are a few links that should help:

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#3.  Candidate does not meet the qualifications for the job 

Interestingly, this was the #1 pet peeve of fashion industry recruiters 6 years ago. We can only assume that applicant tracking systems and application screening questions have made this less of an issue by automatically filtering-out the lesser qualified applicants.


#4.  Timeliness; showing-up early or late to the interview 

While not a Top 5 Pet Peeve 6 years ago, it did receive an honorable mention. Contrary to popular belief, showing up early to an interview actually ranked higher than showing up late.


#5.  Grooming/Personal Presentation

Also not a Top 5 Pet Peeve the last time we conducted this survey, it was also an honorable mention. We can only assume that the casual nature of business attire and the rise of athleisure has contributed to this.  Regardless, fashion industry professionals should NEVER have a poor personal presentation. Those that are unsure of what to wear, should read this.



Barely missing the Top 5 (one vote) was Attitude/Over Confidence.  Apparently, there are quite a few of us in the fashion industry that have high opinions of ourselves.

Not revealing salary information also makes the Honorable Mention list. Job seekers should know that most companies will verify their previous salary and that withholding this information does not help in the negotiation process.

Finally, poor communication prior too and/or after the interview was cited quite a few times by fashion industry recruiters.

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