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Curated career advice and job search news for the week of August 22nd, 2022…

5 ways to look younger on your resume – without hiding your age!

I turned 65 this year. Sounds like a milestone, right? Actually I was feeling about the same as I did at age 25 – OK, maybe a little slower and weaker – until, out of nowhere, the government sent me a Medicare card.

WTF is quiet quitting (and why is Gen Z doing it)?

Move over rage quitting, “quiet quitting” is the latest workplace phenomenon. It may sound like the act of someone silently resigning, but it actually refers to the rejection of “hustle culture” – the expectation to go above and beyond in your job, rather than simply doing the requirements of the job.

These People Who Work From Home Have a Secret: They Have Two Jobs

When the pandemic freed employees from having to report to the office, some saw an opportunity to double their salary on the sly. Why be good at one job, they thought, when they could be mediocre at two?

What Are Salary Bands?

Compensation and clarity seldom go hand-in-hand. Surveys show that less than half of employees understand how pay gets determined – and most HR teams admit they could do a better job formalizing those decisions. That’s where salary bands come in.

The vicious cycle of burnout is leading Americans to quit in droves

Pay isn’t the only thing leading people to quit in droves. While 63% of recent quitters say money was a top concern, 53% cited family and personal obligations as reasons why they left an old employer, according to a new survey from Morning Consult of more than 1,300 people who quit in the last year.

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