The Fashion Industry’s Most Common Interview Questions

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How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice, practice, practice. conducted a survey of over 200 fashion industry recruiters and hiring managers about the questions they use in interviews.  The idea was to find out the most common questions asked AND the questions candidates had the most trouble answering so that job seekers could prepare for them in advance.



If you are actively looking for a new job, our advice is to write-up answers to these questions and then refine the written answers into clear and concise language.  Practice delivering the answers in the mirror and to friends.  With video recording devices as readily available as they are, it is not a bad idea to record the answers to your questions, using the playback to critique yourself.

If you are NOT actively looking for a job BUT are interested in new opportunities as they are presented, we highly recommend that you have a well-developed elevator pitch; similar to “Tell me about yourself” question listed below.

Please note, one of the most annoying things to fashion industry recruiters are candidates who do not research the companies with whom they are interviewing.



Fashion industry recruiters and hiring managers claim these questions are the ones that candidates have the most trouble answering.  As noted above, you should write out the answers to these questions, refine the answers further and practice answering them aloud.  We cannot stress enough the importance of avoiding cliches with these.


Practice, practice, practice.  If you can take a selfie, you can probably record yourself answering the answers to these questions.  Record yourself and then evaluate the recordings.  Fine-tune the answers AND the delivery of those answers enough times to where you would hire yourself.

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