Top 10 Career Advice Articles of 2021

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The week leading up to New Year’s Eve is filled with blog posts, radio segments and TV hits that recap the year with “best of” lists. In this time-honored tradition, StyleDispatch would like to share the Top 10 most trafficked career advice blog posts for 2021…

Number 10:

3 Salary Negotiation Strategies You Need to Know About

Number 9:

7 Things Fashion Industry Job Seekers Need to do Immediately

Number 8:

5 Reasons Companies List the Same Jobs Over and Over

Number 7:

The Fashion Industry’s Most Common Interview Questions

Number 6:

The 5 Best & 5 Worst Words for Fashion Industry Resumes

Number 5:

10 Questions You Should Ask During an Interview

Number 4:

5 Reasons Recruiters Don’t Respond to Applications

Number 3:

The Interview Questions You Should Be Asking To Uncover A Toxic Workplace

Number 2:

What NOT to Ask During an Initial Interview

Number 1:

6 Things To Delete From Your Resume Immediately

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