10 Questions You Should Ask During an Interview

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You landed the interview and you’ve prepped for every type of question you could be asked. All your bases are covered. You’ve been practicing for the expected “tell me about yourself” opener, you’ve carefully planned out how to discuss your achievements and successes and… you’ve even got an unexpected answer to the dreaded question, “what’s your greatest weakness.” But don’t let yourself get caught in a panic the moment the interviewer shifts gears and asks, “so do you have any questions for me?” Of course you know you’re not supposed to ask about benefits, vacation time or salary but what should you ask?

Here are ten great questions you can use that will make you look like you’ve done your homework.

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Michele Mavi has nearly 15 years of experience as a recruiter, interview coach, and resume writer. She is Atrium Staffing’s resident career expert, as well as director of internal recruiting and content development. She also founded Angel Films, a division of Atrium Staffing focused on the creation of recruiting and training videos.

For over 20 years, Atrium has been partnering with the most in-demand brands and fashion houses in the world, placing freelance and full-time talent in jobs they love.

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