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By  | conducted a survey of over 2000 fashion industry professionals regarding their issues/complaints/pet peeves with the industry’s recruitment process.

At 77%, Poor Follow-Up by recruiters and hiring managers was the biggest complaint from fashion industry job seekers. This is consistent with the biggest issue from our original survey from a few years ago.

Ghosting was a close second at 67%. Of note, ghosting was not a major consideration of fashion industry job seekers with our original survey.

The following four complaints are very consistent with the original survey with a range of 38% to 43% of respondents concerned with Poor understanding of the position, Typecasting, Ads for jobs that don’t exist and Companies being cryptic with compensation.

Here are the Top 5:

  1. Poor follow-up
  2. Ghosting
  3. Poor understanding of the position
  4. Typecasting/too rigid in their requirements
  5. Posting ads for jobs that don’t exist

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What can job seekers do about these issues?

Recruiting is a mutually exclusive relationship. It is important to remember that as companies interview job seekers, the job seekers are also interviewing the companies.

As a community, fashion industry professionals are encouraged to share their recruitment experiences on *The Schmatte in the Company Reviews section to help others determine if the companies they are considering are worth their time.

This being said, during the Pandemic, beggars can’t be choosers. If you can get a job, even with a company that doesn’t have the best recruitment process, take it. -just keep your ear to the ground for new opportunities.

*The Schmatte is a confidential forum for fashion industry professionals.

Chris Kidd is the owner of,,, and

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