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Curated career and job search advice from around the web for March 21st, 2022…

How NYC’s Pay Transparency Law Could Have A National Impact-On The Pay Gap And Your Job Search

A new law in New York City will make it illegal for most employers to exclude pay ranges from their advertised jobs or promotion opportunities beginning in May. The new mandate could have ripple effects even for workers who don’t reside in states or cities that have passed laws.

Why I Stopped Hustling | Groove Blog

Taking on the most dangerous word in our community. “If you’re not hustling, you’re losing.” It’s the message we get from countless books, social media posts, blog posts and videos of entrepreneurs yelling at us to work our hands to the bone to achieve our dreams. It’s captivating. It’s motivating.

7 Tips for Dealing with a Toxic Work Environment

Helps with toxic bad-mouthing In other words, don’t reward bad behavior. When your teammate starts ragging on your shared manager’s propensity for dipping out 45 minutes early, don’t bite the gossip bullet and jump in (we know-it can be tempting). Instead, offer a neutral response and pivot to a new subject.

5 Signs You Need to Take a Pause in Your Career

Ever wish you could just hit a “pause” button for your career the way you do for your TV? According to Rachael O’Meara, you can. O’Meara, a sales executive at Google and an executive coach, is author of the new book ” Pause: Harnessing the Life-Changing Power of Giving Yourself a Break.”

Use This Script to Ask for a Raise in 2022

This article is part of Money’s January 2022 digital cover, which features 22 ways to make 2022 the best money year of your life. Browse all 22 articles here . Few workplace conversations drum up such universal anxiety as asking for a raise.

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