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Career Advice Round-up

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Curated career advice from around the web for the week of March, 28th, 2022…

How to Ace Your Annual Performance Review

Stop dreading it and use it as a self-awareness exercise.

Why 2022 Is the Year of Pay Transparency

Pay transparency’s days as a taboo subject are numbered. Openly sharing the salaries of employees could soon become the norm at companies big and small, as employers look to create more equitable workplaces where people in comparable roles are paid similar wages.

Adjectives to Avoid in an Interview for a Job

Adjectives to Avoid in an Interview for a Job. Job interviews require ample preparation, clear speaking, professionalism and awareness of your self-presentation. If you want your job interview to leave an excellent impression, you should avoid using abstract adjectives to describe yourself to the employer. Job …

11 Ways to Earn Respect at Work

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. We seek respect in our professional lives. Gaining the respect of others in the workplace is something many people want, but often have misguided ideas on how to achieve this goal. The following tips will provide valuable insight into the process of gaining and keeping respect in the workplace.

What Do You Think You Should Be Paid?

It’s now a common job interview question. It can also be a trap. Here’s how to answer. When she started her career in tech more than a decade ago, Shanae Chapman soon grew comfortable answering traditional interview questions: greatest strengths (time management, attention to detail), weaknesses (prioritization).

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