Worklife Round-Up for May 14th, 2018

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This week we have articles on career advice from successful women, …


“The Best Career Advice I’ve Ever Received”

Learn from 23 successful women’s steps (and missteps) to success. “Just try it, what’s the worst that can happen? You won’t like it and then you try something else?” Those words are still fresh in my mind, even though they were said to me more than a dozen years ago.


How To Ask For A Referral Without Sounding Entitled Or Desperate

The most awkward networking attempt I’ve ever witnessed happened in my senior year of college. A former executive at NBC who had started his own production company came to talk to the film department at my school about entertainment careers, and I went to check it out.


5 Principles of Perfect Presentations – StyleDispatch

Some people are natural-born orators while others just feel more comfortable listening. Regardless, it’s likely that during your professional career you’ll have to give a presentation or at the very least, speak in front of a group. While the thought of public speaking may be daunting, there are certain things you can do to improve your …


No job interviews? Here’s what you may be doing wrong

Even when vacancies are booming, there are three types of jobseeker who will always have a harder time getting work. Are you one? Don’t fear – there is plenty you can do with your CV to ensure you get an interview.


20 Ways to Improve Your Social Skills in the Workplace

You could be the most qualified and skilled person for the job but be lacking in the social skills department, finding it extremely difficult to fit in and talk about anything other than work. Or you may be super chatty, but when it comes to networking events and public speaking you crawl into your shell and turn into a nervous wreck.


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