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Worklife Round-Up for Jan 15, 2019

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This week we have articles on asking for a raise, what to wear to an interview, getting out of work obligations, being held back by a boss and work resolutions.


Didn’t ask for a raise this year? Make 2019 your year

By Unemployment is at a record low. There are more available jobs than job seekers in many fields. But more than half of workers didn’t ask for a raise this past year.


Acing your Interview Outfit – StyleDispatch

Believe it or not your outfit and overall appearance can have a HUGE impact when interviewing. Within the first 30 seconds most interviewers are able to decide whether or not you would be offered the job based on your outfit and appearance. Although fashion trends are constantly changing, having a few staple pieces in your …


This Is the Perfect Email to Send to Get Out of Any Work Commitment, Guilt-Free

How do you get out of a work commitment without ruining your reputation? Here’s an email template that will save you stress and time.



When Your Boss Holds You Back Because You’re Too Good

· &middot by Kat | CoWorker Problems· promotions Job Hunting· Networking· Transitions 2017 Update: We still stand by this advice on what to do when you’re held back because you’re too good at your current job, but you may also want to check out this more recent discussion of how to find sponsors at work.


Easy Resolutions To Make 2019 Your Best Year For Career Growth

For the past few years, I’ve drawn out intricate vision boards on New Year’s Day (I tend to stay away from ‘ resolutions ‘) mapping out all of the things I aspire towards – from outlining a list of all of the places I intend to travel to, to health goals, to career and financially-related intentions – for the next year.



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