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Worklife Round-Up for Dec 12, 2018

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This week we have articles on job search scams, mean bosses, staying put, holiday job searches, raies, and office politics.


Classic Steve Jobs disses you can put on your next resignation letter | ZDNet

Jobs said this to a guy in an elevator for providing an insufficient answer to the question “So, what have you done for Apple lately?” However, the man Jobs was attempting to fire was not, in fact, an Apple employee. Checkmate.


More Often Than Not Your Best Career Move Is to Stay Put

7 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Most articles on turnover focus on the cost of replacing employees. This isn’t one of those articles. Few people recognize and express the benefits of sticking it out and staying at their jobs.


Smart Ways To Job Search During The Holiday Season

Winter is not the most ideal time to land a job. However, that does not mean finding a job around the holidays is impossible. It simply means you must take a different approach, using the quirks and changes of the season to your advantage. Check out these five tips for job searching during the holidays: 1.



6 in 10 workers didn’t get a raise or a better job in 2018, survey finds

If 2018 was supposed to be your year for career advancement and larger paychecks, odds are that you may have fallen short of your goals, according to a survey. How to position yourself to push for a raise in 2019.


7 Powerful Habits To Win In Office Politics

David Carpenter Lifelong entrepreneur and business owner helping others to realize the American Dream of business ownership Read full profile If you’ve ever thought about starting and running your own business, you’re not alone. Being your own boss, having flexibility with your schedule and keeping more of the financial rewards that come with business ownership are all good reasons to own your own company.



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