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Worklife Roundup – Dec 10th, 2018

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This week we have articles on job search scams, how to get a raise, nich job board advantages and career game-planning.


Job scams: How to recognize and avoid them

Right now is a pretty good time to get a job in America. Our nation’s 4% unemployment rate in June 2018 was down from 4.3% the same month one year prior. Economists tell us that there are about 6.6 million people not working right now, compared to 7 million last year at this time.


How to Get a Raise, Even When the Boss Won’t Negotiate

Management keeps giving you great performance reviews – and the runaround when it comes to salary discussions. Here’s how to cope when the other side just won’t engage. Send your workplace conundrums to , including your name and contact information (even if you want it withheld).


The Advantages of a Niche Job Board

Niche job boards are industry-specific. This means that instead of offering job postings and career information

Want a New Job in 2018? Get Your Game Plan Together Now * Career Sidekick

Do you ever reach the end of a year only to realize that you accomplished none of your career goals? Have you been thinking about a move to a new job for ages, but doing nothing about it? Let 2018 be the year that you take control of your future.


Don't Get Scammed: 4 Questions to Help You Land a Legit Work-From-Home Job

Your pajamas. Your puppy child. Your couch. Work-from-home jobs are desirable for all these reasons. And more. We hear from a lot of you who share your circumstances - your hard times, your children's needs, your need for a magical money-making side gig.



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