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WORK LIFE ROUND-UP – Week of March 12th

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This week we have articles on job satisfaction, online profiles, creativity strategies, advice from highly successful people and results-oriented resumes…




As Workers Expect Less, Job Satisfaction Rises

For the first time since 2005, more than half of U.S. workers say they’re satisfied with their jobs. But data also suggest Americans have changing views of what makes a job good, after a decade of bruising job cuts, minimal raises and lean staffing.




Make your Profile Standout – StyleDispatch

The new offers job seekers a lot in the way of Personal Branding opportunities. It is our hope that you will take the time to create a great profile; one that will give you an advantage over other job seekers. This post will cover the following…




5 Ways To Grow Your Creativity And Productivity At The Same Time

Creativity and productivity are too often seen as opposing forces battling for your time and the soul of your work. But working longer and harder isn’t the only way to be productive, and thinking creatively can achieve amazing results. It’s all in how you approach your work.





People have a tendency to write resumes the way they were taught; typically, in college or by a parent. The result? Most job seekers have old-fashioned, chronological resumes with generic objective statements. When evaluating your own resume, it is important to remember that Labor is market; employers are the buyers and job seekers are the …




29 highly successful people share their best career advice for people in their 20s

If clichés like “Follow your passion,” “Give 110%,” and “Be true to yourself” just aren’t cutting it for you, then we’ve got some fresh takes on how to get a head start on your career.




Job Seeker Profiles: Faster & Easier to Create! – StyleDispatch has made creating a profile faster and easier. With just one page (3 questions), you can create a fully-working profile that you can use to apply to ads and to get job alerts. To create a user profile, all you need is… …your Name …your Email Address …your Job Title (current or most …

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