Advice for Younger Job Seekers

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We surveyed over 100 fashion industry recruiters to get their advice for older and younger job seekers. The top recommendations for younger job seekers are provided below.

To be clear, the purpose of this exercise is to help, not to insult. If you are a younger job seeker, we hope that you will compare your current job search process against these recommendations.

Background:  We conduct this survey every few years so that job seekers have the most current opinions of fashion industry recruiters.  The data collected for this version of the survey was gathered the week ending May 11th, 2018.

The Top 5:

#1. Do not have an entitlement mentality.

#2. Research companies prior to the interview.

#3. Make sure to proofread your resume.

#4. Be professional.

#5. Emphasize good communication during the recruitment process.

Unlike the advice for older job seekers, there was very little mention of resume formatting or technical skills. Overwhelmingly, the advice from fashion industry recruiters dealt with attitude (numbers 1, 2 and 4).

Compared to this same survey from 2012, the Entitlement Mentality answer moved to the number 1 spot and in effect, represents the biggest complaint fashion industry recruiters have with younger job seekers.

The takeaway?  Younger job seekers need to realize that companies are not there to help them achieve their goals rather, the exact opposite is true.

Our advice is to approach every interview from a value standpoint and prove to the interviewer that you are a good return on the company’s investment. Show that you are flexible and prove that you are a team player.


Agree with these?  Disagree?
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