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Here is the career advice round-up for the week of February 19th…

A Two-Part Blog Series | Jobs for NYFW Part Two – StyleDispatch

Part two of JBCStyle’s blog series of NYFW discusses which careers are needed to make NYFW come to life. Read the full article here. “NYFW is off to a great start and today’s blog post is about the positions that make fashion week come together.

How Being Yourself Can Help You Future-Proof Your Job – PCMA Convene

Judi Holler on why it is smart to be your most authentic self in the workplace. In this digital age, a common fear is that the robots are coming to take everybody’s job.

The Right Way To Talk To Your Boss About Your Work-Related Stress

Let’s face it: work can be stressful sometimes. Or a lot of times. And when you’re feeling overwhelmed, it impacts you, whether or not you notice. Often you’re not in control of how and when this happens – but how you choose to handle those times can really help or hinder how you get through it and how successful you’ll be in the long run.

Get your emails read and responded to with the perfect subject line

Email expert and author Danny Rubin explains the trick to getting your emails out of the spam box and in front of a set of eyes. It all starts with a good subject line.

12 Terribly Rude Co-workers, and How to Deal With Them

Get Ask a Boss delivered every week What should you do when someone in the office talks too much – in general, about politics, or about you behind your back? What if a guy in a nearby cubicle is a mansplainer, or trolls you on Twitter?

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