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What we are reading on Monday, March 30th, 2021…

Will I get $300 in extra unemployment this week: Here’s why many payments are delayed

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 was rushed through Congress by Democrats this month, in part so that people living on unemployment benefits wouldn’t suffer a break in federal weekly payments when the previous round of unemployment benefits expired in mid-March. But that’s exactly what’s happening.

What Does Chinese Backlash Against Brands like H&M, Nike Mean from a Social Credit System Perspective? | The Fashion Law

Year-old statements from H&M and Nike about working conditions in China’s Xinjiang region have prompted backlash against the retail giants amid a larger “government call to stop foreign brands from tainting China’s name,” Reuters reported on Thursday.

6 charts show how a pandemic upended retail supply chains

First published on The energy inside of stores in March 2020 was rushed, strained and infused with the weighty gaze of shoppers and workers that asked, “Should we even be here? Are we going to be OK?” At that point, a lot was up in the air.

ThredUp shares jump nearly 43% in first day of trading

Sales of used clothing are booming online, ThredUp CEO James Reinhart told CNBC’s Squawk Alley on Friday just before the company’s shares began trading in the Nasdaq Global Select Market. The company late Thursday announced the pricing of its initial public offering of its Class A common stock at $14 a share, on the high side of estimates, and sold 12 million shares to raise $168 million.

Are we heading for a post-pandemic ‘Roaring 2020s,’ with parties and excess?

This has been a year of extreme social deprivation. But the pandemic – like all pandemics before it – eventually will end. Then what? Will we easily transition from isolation back into the real world? For most of us, the answer probably is yes, although it may take time to adapt, according to social scientists who study human behavior.

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