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Curated career advice and employment news for the week of November 8th, 2021…

How “Ghosting” Can Single Handedly Ruin Your Professional Reputation

Ghosting employers is the professional equivalent of standing someone up for a date, and it can ruin your professional reputation, especially in the tight-knit biopharma industry.

Perspective | You may get more work done at home. But you’d have better ideas at the office.

Innovation – and productivity – would suffer if remote work became permanent for most employees

Could Opposition To The Coronavirus Vaccine Be A Form Of Political Speech?

Generally speaking, if an employee receives a vaccine exemption, they will get one for either a medical or religious reason. The problem for employees who don’t want to get vaccinated is that most of them won’t have a medical condition that justifies their employer granting the medical exemption.

Jab or Job?

Only half of the people who lost jobs during COVID are going back to work

Millions of Americans aren’t returning to work, JPMorgan found. Some are worried about childcare, others expect more out of a job than they used to.

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