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Curated career advice for November 1st, 2021…

A Way to Remind Yourself That You Are More Than Your Job

It’s never a great time to stake your identity on your job, but right now may be among the worst: We’re living through heightened job insecurity. No one is functioning at 100%. And if you’re working from home, the lines between your employee self and normal self are already frustratingly blurred.

5 Steps: How to create a fashion portfolio (to get your dream job)

Industry secrets and an easy step by step guide for fashion student applicants or job applicants to create the ultimate fashion portfolio that no one can say no to. The only way to get hired these days is to have a killer presentation that outshines the competition.

Council Post: 13 Effective Ways To Handle A ‘Toxic’ Boss

When you have a difficult supervisor, you might not know where to turn. There isn’t a simple remedy to fix the situation-especially if you’re trying to avoid negative consequences. Voicing your concerns to a manager you’re having difficulty with or sharing those concerns with others can be overwhelming, but it’s often a necessary move if you want to improve your workplace dynamic.

Why Employers Ghost Job Seekers, and How to Respond

​With many people still out of work from the pandemic and others desperate for a career change, the idea of a job seeker “ghosting” a potential employer may sound absurd. Being ghosted by a potential employer seems unprofessional as well. Yet not only is it happening, it’s increasing.

End Imposter Syndrome in Your Workplace

In February 2021, we offered one simple idea: Stop telling women they have imposter syndrome. Since then, fixing the places where women work instead of fixing women at work has become a rallying cry for women of all races across the world.

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