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Jab or Job?

By  | conducted a survey of over 1000 fashion industry professionals regarding their vaccination status and whether or not they would quit if forced to take the vaccine by their employer.

To contrast work requirements with every day life, we also asked if people should get the vaccine (required or not). These numbers can be found below.

We’ve included both national and regional numbers. For this survey the regions are Northeast, South, Midwest, Mountain States and West Coast.

Of note, Texas has the HIGHEST percentage of vaccinated fashion industry professionals at 81.5%. Conversely, Florida has the LOWEST percentage of vaccinated fashion industry professionals at 40.5%. Florida also leads the industry in those who think taking the vaccine should be a personal decision at 86.5%

Have you taken the vaccine?
If not, will you take the vaccine if required for employment?

At the top level, 67.6% of fashion industry professionals have taken one of the COVID vaccines; 32.4% have not. Of the latter, 28.7% of those people would rather quit their jobs than take one of the vaccines.

According to the CDC Vaccine Tracker, 77.6% of Americans who are over the age of 18 have had at least one of the COVID vaccince shots. At 67.6%, the US fashion industry is 10 points lower than the rest of the country. This holds true for all regions of the US with only slight variation.

From a labor standpoint, it is important for fashion industry employers to know that federally mandated COVID vaccines puts them at risk of losing almost 30% of their work force. Similarly, employers should expect 30% fewer applications to online job ads.


With so much talk in the national media regarding the differences in vaccine status among Red and Blue states, we broke down the results by major regions of the US. With the exception of the Midwest, all of the regions were roughly the same…

Should people take the vaccine?

In contrast to the number of fashion industry professionals who have already taken the vaccine, those who think EVERYONE should be vaccinated is only 39.8% with the remaining 60.2% taking the position that exceptions should be made for personal or medical reasons. Here are the numbers…


Regionally, most of the fashion industry had similar response rates with the exception of the South. According to the numbers, Southern fashion industry professionals tend to think that the decision to take the vaccine or not is a personal decision better to be made at the individual level, by about 10 points.

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