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Was 2015 Good For Your Career?

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We recently surveyed over 300 fashion industry professionals to find out if 2015 was good for their career. While most people responded positively to the various criteria that goes into career improvement, only 44% claimed that 2015 was actually good for their career. Here’s how it breaks down…

1. Did you learn/master any new marketable skills in 2015?


2. Were you recognized and/or rewarded for your professional efforts in 2015?


3. Did your professional confidence grow in 2015?


4. Did your professional credibility grow in 2015?


5. Did anything happen in 2015 that would improve the 2014 version (or earlier) of your resume?


6. Did you make yourself more valuable (professionally) in 2015 than you were in 2014?


7. Was 2015 good for your career?



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