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In redesigning, we wanted to reduce the total number of job alert messages that were sent out WITHOUT reducing the total number of jobs presented to candidates.  To do this, we bundled job listings into single messages AND allowed for the customization of the alert parameters. Basically, we changed the frequency and the focus of the job alerts…



If you had job alerts set-up on the old, those same alerts will be associated with your profile on the new  You have the opportunity to create new (additional) alerts and/or narrow the one you have currently.




With the old, job listings were emailed-out individually at the time of posting; one ad per email blast.  Becuase of this, some job seekers would get 5, 10 and sometimes even 20 notifications p/day.

With the new, job seekers have the option of receiving new job alerts twice a day, daily and weekly. All of the same ads will be emailed-out; the difference is that multiple ads will be in each job alert.

For job seekers who like the immediacy of the old system, we recommend signing-up for job alert emails to be sent twice daily; one at lunch and the other around dinner.

For job seekers who want to know the exact second a job is posted, we recommend following us on Twitter.



With the old version of, job listings were based on Category, Job Function and Region. That’s it, the job alerts were not able to be more specific than that. With the new, job seekers can still base their job alerts based on Category, Job Function and Region. For those job seekers who only want to see specific jobs, we’ve added the ability to narrow job alerts based on the following:

– Category
– Job Function
– Region
– Keywords
– Specific Location (zip code + range)
– State
– Experience Level
– Education Level
– Employer Type (direct employer or recruitment agency)

As an example, job seekers who only want to see job listings from Direct Employers can create a job alert that only sends job listings from Direct Employers (no agencies)

Similarly, job seekers who only want to see job listings within a specific area can enter a zip/postal code and select a mileage range. If someone only wants to see jobs within 20 miles of their home, they can do that with the new




Add to your safe sender list.  This will keep new job alerts out of your spam folder.  We recommend setting up a folder with as a filter.  This way, all of your job listings will be put into the same folder and not intermingled with all of your other mail.

Second, broader is better.  You would hate to miss-out on an opportunity because you were too stringent with your job alert parameters.  Start with the Profile Alerts that are created automatically and narrow from there.  Consider having more than one job alert set-up.  Comparing the results will help you better determine if your alerts are too broad or too narrow.



Want to update your job alerts?  Maybe create a new job alert?  Sign-in to and select Job Alerts under the Find Jobs link.

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