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With the old version of, privacy was an all or nothing proposition. Public profiles (resumes) could be seen by any StyleCareers customer who purchased access to the resume database. Private profiles were hidden from all employers and recruiters.

With the new version of, job seekers can still elect to have profiles that can be seen by any database customer. Similarly, job seekers still have the option to hide their profile from all employers and recruiters.

When it comes to privacy, the big difference between the new and old versions of is that with the new site, job seekers can have public profiles (resumes) that can be hidden from select users. For example, if you work for Company A, you can make your profile public but keep it so that no one from Company A can see it. Similarly, if you work for Company A and Company A has family members who own Company B and Company C, you can elect to be hidden from Companies A, B & C.


With this new semi-public profile option, job seekers can actively hunt for a position on without their current employer finding out you are in the job market.

Want to update your privacy settings? Sign-in to and select Privacy Settings under the My Profile link.

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