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The Woke Workplace

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Chronicling the hypocrisy of fashion brands and retailers who “preach” one thing but do another…

Breaking: ‘Black at Nike’ Instagram Page Wiped Clean, Nike Denies Involvement

The account shared dozens of unfavorable allegations against the brand’s leadership on issues of diversity and inclusion.

Former and current Nike employees are sharing their experiences with racism at the company via an anonymous Instagram page – and its part of a growing trend on social media

“As a WOC working in Nike Sports Marketing, I experienced microaggressions, disrespect, and retaliation for speaking up,” read a post on the page.

How “Progressive,” Millennial-Focused Workplaces Have Tried to Keep Employees’ Discrimination Claims Quiet – The Fashion Law

In the weeks after George Floyd’s death, protests in support of social change have swept the country. Instagram feeds have been filled with images of Mr.

Refinery29 Editor Resigns After Former Employees Describe ‘Toxic Culture’ (Published 2020)

The editor, Christene Barberich, said she had decided to leave after reading accounts by black women and other women of color who said they had faced discrimination at the company.

‘Woke’ CEOs Don’t Actually Care About Economic Justice

Make no mistake: In business, earnings matter more than equality.

How Woke Capitalism Corrupts Business

The phenomenon of woke capitalism isn’t only about corporate America succumbing to progressive ideologies. It reflects deep confusion about the purpose of business and how commerce serves the common good.

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