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Chronicling the hypocrisy of fashion brands and retailers who “preach” one thing but do another…

Breaking: ‘Black at Nike’ Instagram Page Wiped Clean, Nike Denies Involvement

Click here to read the full article. Less than a week after FN first reported on the Instagram account Black at Nike, the page has been wiped clean. On Wednesday, all posts on the account, which was created last month to compile stories of purported worker experiences at the Swoosh, disappeared.

Former and current Nike employees are sharing their experiences with racism at the company via an anonymous Instagram page – and its part of a growing trend on social media

A new Instagram account called “Black at Nike” is filled with messages from anonymous current and former employees sharing experiences with racism at the athletic-wear giant, according to the account creators.

How “Progressive,” Millennial-Focused Workplaces Have Tried to Keep Employees’ Discrimination Claims Quiet | The Fashion Law

In the weeks after George Floyd’s death, protests in support of social change have swept the country. Instagram feeds have been filled with images of Mr. Floyd, as well as Breonna Taylor and Ahmad Arbury, and pleas for donations to bail funds and protest updates populated many Twitter timelines.

Refinery29 Editor Resigns After Former Employees Describe ‘Toxic Culture’

The women’s lifestyle publication Refinery29 is the latest media organization to undergo a change in leadership during the cultural reckoning that has accompanied the widespread protests against racism and police violence.

The Fashion Industry Is Very White. These Three Designers Know That All Too Well.

OVER THE PAST few weeks, as a racial-justice movement has swelled across the U.S., the upper reaches of the fashion industry are being scrutinized. Why are there so few Black designers at luxury labels? Why so few Black editors at glossy fashion publications? And why such a dearth of Black executives in the boardrooms of fashion companies?

‘Woke’ CEOs Don’t Actually Care About Economic Justice

The relative horror of Donald Trump’s presidency warps public memory, making old pariahs-Mitt Romney, George W. Bush, even the late John McCain-no longer seem that bad. Yet of all the realigned allies and rehabilitated reputations, perhaps the most troubling remains the media rebranding of corporations as civil rights advocates.

How Woke Capitalism Corrupts Business

One of the more disturbing trends to emerge throughout the business world is “woke capitalism.” Whether it is Nike recalling Betsy Ross flag-emblazoned shoes because it was counselled by activist advisors that the flag represents slavery, or almost 200 CEOs of major firms signing a full-page New York Times advertisement describing laws restricting abortion as “bad for business,” corporate America is rapidly aligning itself with progressive causes.

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