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Career Advice Round-up, May 26th, 2020

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What Will The New Workplace Look Like In The Wake Of Covid-19?

We all know folks who have made throwing on work clothes, reading the newspaper on the train, ordering their carefully customized coffee, and heading into the office with their leather briefcase in hand an important part of their identity.

The exact action plan you should follow at work if you think you might have coronavirus – plus the email you should send your boss to break the news

If you think you’ve contracted the coronavirus, you’ll need to notify your boss to get time off to recover. Do not go into work, especially if you’re working in person at an essential business. If your work hasn’t released a formal COVID-19 plan, refer to the federal and state governments’ regulations.

Coronavirus and the New Workplace: Your Rights, Your Responsibilities

The rules, norms-and fears-governing the workplace are changing as fast as the Covid-19 outbreak appears to be spreading. After The Wall Street Journal’s recent article dissecting what bosses can and can’t make you do in light of the coronavirus pandemic, more questions poured in from readers trying to navigate the new job landscape.

5 Questions to Keep You at Your Career Planning Best

COVID-19 confessional: Employees working from home share their dirty little secrets

WASHINGTON (WJLA) – Employees across the country are quickly discovering what it takes to conduct work-or a lack thereof-in the comfort of their own homes. On Monday, a worker in Washington D. C. posted a topic on the DC Urban Moms and Dads digital forum. The topic: “Quarantine Confessions (share yours here).

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