Career Advice Round-up

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Curated career advice and job search news for the week of October 17th, 2022…

5 Portfolio Tips for Fashion Freelancers

'Resume whitening' doubles callbacks for minority job candidates, study finds

Minority job applicants who resort to "resume whitening" - a practice in which candidates alter any information on their resume that indicates their ethnicity - are more than twice as likely to receive a callback than those who don't, a new study has found.

Most Resumes Don't Get Past the ATS. Here's How to Get Eyes on the Page

I f you've applied to an online job listing, chances are the company uses an applicant tracking system (ATS) to parse through information about candidates. These programs collect data from hundreds of resumes and create streamlined profiles for each applicant.

Know Your Worth: How to Figure Out How Much Money You Should Be Earning

Are you working your way up the ladder (or through some glass ceilings)? Here's a truth to keep in mind: If you don't stand up for yourself, no one else will. This includes expressing your opinions, demonstrating your talents, and knowing your worth.

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