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Career Advice Round-Up for the week of Aug 17th, 2020

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Curated career advice for fashion industry professionals for the week of August, 17th, 2020.

Council Post: 13 Signs Your Workplace Is Toxic Enough To Warrant Quitting

If you find yourself stressed each day from a demanding boss or co-workers, it’s possible you’re in a toxic work culture. When you’re in this environment, you may find your work life comes home with you whether you consciously realize it or not⁠-allowing it to affect your work ethic, personal relationships and overall morale.

What to Do If an Employer Asks You to Do a “Job Audition”

Executive Summary Job auditions have become a typical part of the hiring process for employers as part of the applicant vetting process. They will often ask candidates to work on or complete a project, to show what they can do.

This is how each generation can freelance during and after the pandemic

To ride out the storm, professionals of all generations appear to be turning to “portfolio careers” to earn their living through a mix of contracted freelance jobs, consulting gigs, short-term projects, board membership, and other engagements that allow them to apply their expertise under flexible conditions.

Do You Dare Switch Jobs in the Coronavirus Economy?

One Wednesday in May, I found out I was losing my child care. Two days later, after just enough time for the panic to set in, my phone rang. It was not Mary Poppins, but a top editor at The Wall Street Journal, where I work. That job I’d interviewed for over the winter?

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