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Career Advice Round-up for the Week of Aug 8, 2020

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Curated career advice for fashion industry professionals for the week of August, 8th, 2020.

What kind of severance you are entitled to and how you can get more

A whopping 6.6 million people filed an unemployment claim last week, shattering the previous high of 695,000 in October 1982 and the Great Recession peak of 665,000, the Labor Department reported on Thursday. That brings the two-week total to about 10 million due to the coronavirus-induced economic shutdown.

The Interview Questions You Should Be Asking To Uncover A Toxic Workplace

How to Navigate Freelance Work During a Pandemic – Velocitize

Freelancing is already a journey into choppy waters, nevermind during a pandemic. Unfortunately, those seas will now be populated by others looking to stay in work. As a result, keeping yourself afloat will require a pretty big buoy in the form of a workable strategy.

My Work Is Unsafe Because of COVID-19. What Are My Rights? – FindLaw

In general, employers are obligated to take reasonable precautions to ensure a safe environment for their employees. But what does that mean exactly? Are employers required to take all precautions to prevent harm to employees in the workplace, including harm from a disease like COVID-19? Yes.

Unemployment during coronavirus: The psychology of job loss

Earlier this week, unemployment insurance claims in the US soared past three million, a record-breaking number which far surpasses previous highs. To put it in context, this figure shatters the Great Recession crest of 665,000 of March 2009 and the previous record high of 695,000 in 1982, when the US Federal Reserve tried to tame inflation through its monetary policy.

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