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Curated job search and career advice from around the web for the week of September 25, 2022…

5 Personal Branding Tips to Help Your Job Search

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Finding a job during harsh economic times is a daunting task – when companies are looking to cut costs by laying off workers and when millions are suddenly searching for ways to put themselves in contention for employment.

Settling Conflicts in a Remote-Work World

​Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a widespread telecommuting culture that many workplaces plan to continue, new problems are arising for managers. With team members working remotely, on-the-job conflicts happen digitally, with disagreements carried out not through face-to-face arguments, but over e-mails, texts and intraoffice channels like Slack.

Forget Deleting Your Graduation Dates: Here’s How to Beat Ageism On Your Resume

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) aims to prevent ageism in hiring that people age 40 or older might face. Despite these legal protections, however, implicit age discrimination may seep into the workplace. According to a recent study, “older workers [may] outperform younger employees, yet negative attitudes towards older workers can underpin discrimination.”

The perfect résumé for creatives: 13 tips

(Image credit: Shannon Fagan via Getty) The perfect résumé for creatives can make an impression on potential clients and allow you to stand out in a hugely competitive market. Whichever sector of the creative industries you work in, a first-rate CV is vital to stand the chance of a job interview.

How to get your old job back if you hate your new one

Is it ever a good idea to get back together with your ex? When it comes to your career, a surprising amount of people say yes. Nearly half of people said they would try to get their old job back if they regretted taking their new one, according to a January survey of more than 2,500 millennial and Gen Z jobseekers from The Muse.

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