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8 Ways to Avoid Ageism in Your Job Search

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As people age, they are expected to gain wisdom and experience, but when it comes to job searches, particularly in the fashion industry, some employers view age as a disadvantage. Despite being illegal in the United States, ageism is still a challenge for older workers. In a WerkLabs survey of over 700 professionals above 40 years, 75% reported experiencing ageism in their job search, with examples of having to provide age-related information in applications. Older workers are also more likely to be laid off, pushing them out of jobs they may not have voluntarily left. To overcome ageism in the job search, here are some tips to consider.

  1. Start from scratch and impartially assess your job search process and how you compare to other candidates.
  2. Revamp your resume to be more relevant, focusing on recent and pertinent experiences. Exclude dates that highlight your age, and avoid mentioning references, which are now a given.
  3. Consider flexible work arrangements, such as part-time or contract work. Remote jobs that prioritize work performance over face time may be suitable. Tech skills are vital when opting for these roles.
  4. Leverage your expertise by starting a website or blog to highlight your skills in areas where you excel. Network with contacts who can help with posts, comments, and recommendations.
  5. Stay up-to-date with technological advances and job trends. Take classes to acquire new skills and embrace social media tools like LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.
  6. Select an employer that values age diversity. Look out for companies that hire older workers and those that promote age diversity.
  7. Recognize the benefits of age diversity, including mentoring opportunities for older workers, who can pass on their skills and knowledge to younger employees.
  8. Watch out for interview red flags such as questions about high school graduation dates or experience length, which could be used to determine your age. Focus on the interviewer’s intent behind the question.

In summary, ageism is still a challenge for older workers, but by implementing these tips, they can increase their chances of finding the right job. With the right skills and mindset, older workers can bring valuable expertise and skills to organizations.

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