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Curated career advice and employment news from around the web for the week of October 3rd, 2022..

Is ‘productivity paranoia’ from remote working solvable? – RetailWire

In its report, Microsoft revealed that 85 percent of managers “have a hard time knowing for sure that their people are being productive” away from the office. The effect this “productivity paranoia” has on leaders risks making hybrid work unsustainable. What solutions do you see for overcoming “productivity paranoia” developing out of remote and hybrid work environments?

U.S. worker productivity sinks by the most since 1947-but experts say the headline figures don’t tell the whole story

American workers’ productivity dropped sharply in the first quarter of 2022, notching the largest three-month decline since 1947. Non-farm productivity, which measures worker output against hours worked, sank 7.5% from January through March, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Thursday. Even as overall hours worked increased 5.5%, output from the average American worker dropped 2.4%.

A Surge Of Companies Are Planning To Disclose Pay Ranges In Job Postings, Even Where It’s Not Required

A new survey finds a flood of employers are planning or considering posting salary ranges in upcoming job ads, following a series of state and local laws that now mandate the disclosures. Many say they’re thinking about taking a national approach, rather than simply following local requirements.

Forget quiet quitting: Workers say they’re acting their wage

The Internet and world of work has been in an uproar over the concept of “quiet quitting.” In essence, it’s just workers doing their job as written, for the pay they receive. Some workers are rebranding the concept as “acting your wage.”

Are We Making Progress In Fashion? Experts Weigh In

A look into how the fashion industry has evolved since confronting its diversity issue. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the last two years drastically altered our worlds, leaving most catatonically navigating a space they’d been bolstered into.

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