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Curated career advice from your friends at for the week of July 4th, 2022…

How the Art of Small Talk Will Improve Your Career

The art of small talk, no matter how scary it may seem, could be your most useful skill when it comes to advancing in your career. If you are anything like me, you dread small talk. You may not care about your boss’s kids, or what your coworker caught while fishing this weekend.

How to Skip the Office Pizza Party and Still Be a ‘Team Player’

If there’s one thing corporate America loves, it’s doling out an office pizza party. You hit your numbers for the quarter? That’s an office pizza party. A longtime worker is retiring? Having a baby? Hitting a milestone birthday? Pizza party, pizza party, pizza party.

Do You Feel Guilty About Taking Time Off From Work? If So, You’re in Good Company. | The Motley Fool

Of the many workplace benefits employees tend to crave, a generous paid-time-off policy frequently tops the list. Time off is important for a number of reasons — it allows you to get a break from the grind, spend time with loved ones, and achieve personal goals you set for yourself.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Thanks to all the readers who commented on last week’s post on Imposter Syndrome, especially to Parag, Jason and Omar – it takes courage to talk about being an ‘imposter,’ so thanks to you for coming forward. I was also encouraged to hear both the pros and cons of working with those suffering from imposter […]

5 Tips for Choosing and Working With a Recruiter

Finding talent these days is extremely challenging. With more open roles than job seekers, hiring managers need to be creative to find the right people. Making the best impression, sending the right message and reaching the target audience before a competitor is not easy – even under normal market conditions.

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