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7 Mistakes Fashion Professionals Make With Recruitment Agencies

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Whether it is permanent placement or temporary work, third-party recruitment agencies play an important role in fashion industry employment. To maximize success in your job search, be sure to avoid these common mistakes when working with agencies…

Not researching the agency:

Job seekers should research the agency’s reputation, specialties, and client base before working with them.

Not providing accurate information:

Providing false or misleading information on resumes or in interviews can damage the job seeker’s credibility and affect the agency’s ability to place them.

Not following up:

Job seekers should follow up with the agency regularly to show their interest and receive updates on their job search.

Not being flexible:

If a job seeker is not open to different job opportunities or flexible in their requirements, they may miss out on good opportunities presented by the agency.

Not keeping the agency informed:

If a job seeker receives job offers from other sources, they should inform the agency promptly so they can adjust their search accordingly.

Ignoring feedback:

If the agency provides feedback on a job seeker’s resume or interview performance, they should take the feedback seriously and make improvements where necessary.

Not being respectful:

Job seekers should be professional and respectful in all their interactions with the agency, as they represent the job seeker to potential employers.

By avoiding these common mistakes, job seekers can have a more successful and productive experience working with recruitment agencies.

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