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Curated career advice for fashion industry professionals for the week of June 21st, 2021…

5 resume mistakes that can make you look like a narcissist: ‘You might not get a callback,’ says career expert

Resume trends have changed dramatically in the past few years. Not only are recruiters’ expectations higher, but they also have less time. They want resumes that will paint a picture of your background and skills – in six seconds or less.

Here’s Why You Aren’t Hearing Back From That Job Interview

Even when you do everything right in your job interview, things can go wrong when it comes to hearing back from the employer in a timely manner.

How to combat loneliness when you work from home – The Homeworker

Until a few years ago I always worked in an office of some kind. They have not always been conventional office spaces, but whether it has been a large, open-plan office, a vast newsroom or studio, smaller rooms with just one or two people, or darkened edit suites with perhaps one other, I was working alongside somebody else.

How to Ace an Online Job Interview

Unemployment may be at a record high, but-don’t look now-lots of companies are actually hiring. So, your résumé caught someone’s eye? Great, you’ve got an interview. The catch is that you’re not being invited to the office, you’re going to be doing it via Zoom or some other video conferencing platform.

The Top Five Things to Put in a Salary Increase Letter

The Top Five Things to Put in a Salary Increase Letter. In an ideal world, your boss knows you deserve a raise and gives it to you without you having to request it. In the real world, however, things aren’t so simple.

Trying to Relocate: The Who, What, and Where

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