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Curated career advice and job search trends from around the web for the week of July 24th, 2022…

Want To Nail An Interview? Use Mirroring

The day has arrived, your job interview with a top executive in a high profile company. Your training and credentials are exactly what they’re looking for in a job candidate. You’ve never been the shyest person. In fact, most of your peers would say your interpersonal skills are uncanny, and you’re […]

3 things employees want most in 2022

The human resource company Ceridian surveyed workers to find out what they are looking for from their employers. One answer might surprise you. As more companies begin picking up their hiring rate, many employers need to cater to the wants of potential employees.

Essential networking tips to help you win new opportunities in 2022

It might not come as a surprise that during the course of the pandemic our personal and professional networks shrank. As many of us turned to our closest friends, family members and colleagues for support, communication with some of our more distant acquaintances fell to the wayside.

Hybrid Work Is Doomed

I noticed the shoes first. That I was wearing them. Real shoes, the leather kind, with laces. After a year and a half, I was finally returning to the office, and that meant giving up the puffer slippers and slides that had sustained me for so long.

Most Professionals Aren’t Updating Their Resume Often Enough – Here’s How Frequently You Should Make Changes

Career experts and common sense dictate that you should be updating your resume every six to 12 months so you’re ready for unexpected changes in your employment status. But reality paints a different picture. Many workers don’t look at their resume until they absolutely need to.

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