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Virtual career fairs are a lot like in-person events with a few big exceptions. This post will deal with what job seekers should do before a virtual career fair, the day of the event, during the fair and what to do after…


Register ahead of time

Often, people who register before the career fair get A LOT in the way of useful information; company info, job listings, event tips, etc… Also, registering early helps you avoid issues that keep you out of the event like email verification and experience requirements.

Research the exhibiting companies

It is important to learn about the companies you want to interview with. Use the StyleCareers Employer’s Page, the exhibitor’s company website, Google searches, business news and your personal network. Using what you have learned in an interview might be the difference between getting a call back and getting ignored.

Research the exhibiting companies’ job listings

Look to see what they are hiring for now BUT ALSO anticipate the jobs they might be hiring for in the future. For example, if you are a pattern maker and your dream company is at the career fair but they aren’t listing pattern making positions, get in their interview line anyway. At worst you’ll have a new connection in the fashion industry, at best, you’ll be the first person they think of when on of their pattern making positions opens up.

You can find current job listings for all of the DE&I FashionCareerFair exhibitors here.

Practice your elevator Pitch

You are going to have to answer “Tell me about yourself” several times during the career fair. The more you prepare before the fair, the more natural you will sound at the fair. We have two good articles to help you with this.

Elevator Pitch: Not Just for Sales People

How to Answer, Tell Me About Yourself

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to practice answers to ALL of the top questions fashion industry recruiters ask.

Check your wifi connection

The last thing you need during an interview is frozen images, dropped video feeds, bad sound, etc…

Prepare your interview space

A poorly lit face can ruin an interview. A busy or messy background can do the same. Take a little advice from the pros when it comes to Preparing Your Interview Space.


Dress for an in-person interview.

Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you can wear sweat pants. The old saying is: Dress for Success. That is true for in-person and virtual interviews.

If attending with a mobile device or laptop, be sure that your device has enough power.

Charge all of your devices the night before the career fair. If attending via a smartphone or table, make sure energy-sucking apps that aren’t being used are completely turned off.

Have earbuds handy in the event microphones or speakers have an issue.

Their microphone might be bad, yours might be bad. Their speakers might be bad, yours might be bad. Having a set of earbuds nearby could be an interview-saver.


Make eye contact

The tendency is for people to look at themselves during on-screen meetings. Often this will have you looking away from the camera; down or to one side. Look directly at the camera when speaking to give the impression of eye-contact. In the event you can’t help look at yourself, position your screen so that your image is just below the camera.

Use concise business language

A virtual interview is the same as an in-person interview.

Use powerful body language

The body language you use in-person may not translate well to a screen. Practice your body motion on camera to make sure your face and hand gestures are complimenting your verbal interactions.

Ask the recruiter about the next steps

Before ending the interview, ask the recruiter for the next steps. Be sure to write down their name and contact information if possible.


Send a thank you note

Just like an in-person interview, a quick, thank you note will go a long way toward getting the job.

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