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Worklife Roundup for Sept 24th, 2018

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This week we have articles on ratting-out co-workers, quitting, privacy, toxic co-workers and dating co-workers.


Should I Tell My Boss About My Co-Worker’s Poor Work?

I work as a web developer on a small team of four people, and we often collaborate on projects. It was just three of us for a while, and we recently hired a fourth person. He was hired primarily as a back-end developer, but also to do front-end work (mainly HTML and CSS) when we need him to.


Here are six signs that it’s time to quit your job

Most of us are open to new job opportunities. In fact, a survey by the specialty recruitment firms Accounting Principals and Ajilon found that 80% of people are passively or actively looking. But how do you know it’s time to stop window shopping and pull the trigger and quit?


Ten Things Never, Ever To Tell Your Coworkers

Dear Liz, I work in a startup. The company is growing so fast that new people start every week, but people leave almost every week, too. It’s not the worst job I’ve ever had but there are a lot of inexperienced, obnoxious supervisors around and they tend to promote immature people to supervisory jobs.


4 steps to productively talk to your boss about a toxic co-worker

Whether you have issues with a co-worker or your boss, working in a toxic office setting is detrimental not only to your health and wellness, but your overall career. Or, you might even be that toxic coworker and not realize it. Leadership development firm Fierce, Inc.


Here Are 5 Questions To Ask Before Dating A Co-Worker

It’s tempting to date a co-worker, especially if you work long hours and spend more time with your colleagues than with your friends. “There is something about constantly interacting with someone that creates kinship,” says Mirande Valbrune, an attorney and author of #MeToo: A Practical Guide to Navigating Today’s Cultural Workplace Revolution.



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