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Worklife Round-Up for Aug 20th, 2018

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This week we have articles on job seeker fibs, values, work friendships and losing your temper at work.


3 Ways Bosses Waste Your Time, According to Stanford Research

In the pursuit of productivity, some bosses turn out to be their own worst enemies. Managers are unwittingly wasting their employees’ time by making a series of small but costly mistakes, according the Wall Street Journal. Some of the problems come down to simple miscommunications.


This Is An Ideal Resume For A Mid-Level Employee

Having a ton of experience under your belt doesn’t necessarily mean you have an “impressive” resume. “You can have all the experience in the world – but if your resume doesn’t stand out, if you don’t present that information in a well-organized manner, or if it doesn’t tell your story, nobody will take the time to look at your resume closely enough to see all that experience,” says Amanda Augustine, a career expert at TheLadders, an online job-matching service for professionals.


Retail Sales and Manufacturing Are Powering U.S. Growth This Summer

WASHINGTON-A surge in retail sales and rising manufacturing output suggest the U.S. economy’s strong growth in the second quarter continued into the third. Retail sales-a measure of spending at U.S. stores, websites and restaurants-rose a seasonally adjusted 0.5% in July from the prior month, the Commerce Department said Wednesday.


Using a Personality Assessment to Help You Leverage Your Authentic Self – StyleDispatch

We all cringe at the thought of having to take a personality assessment when interviewing for a job. It seems awfully clinical. But the truth is, most people are shocked at how accurate they are. Rather than resisting this new part of the interview process, why not embrace it and use what you learn to …


6 Strategies to Resolve Conflict at Work

5 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. When you get a group of people together day after day, conflict is inevitable. The employees you so carefully screened during hiring interviews aren’t immune, either. They might have had the perfect answers to behavioral questions such as, “How do you handle conflict?”


Ready to Move On? A Complete Guide to Quitting Your Job

Many of us reach a point in our careers that we know it’s time to move on from a job. Whether it’s to pursue a new career opportunity, improve your salary or leave a dissatisfying position, it’s important to quit on as positive a note as possible.


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