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Take this job and shove it?

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Are you frustrated/upset/angered with the way your company treated you during COVID? Here are 5 new articles on the coming Resignation Tsunami…

Turnover ‘Tsunami’ Expected Once Pandemic Ends -SHRM

The Great Resignation of 2021: Are 30% of workers really going to quit?

There is a pent-up demand for change among workers and managers need to spell out flexible work options ASAP, experts say. Masks and life via Zoom are not the only things people are leaving behind now that headlines about vaccination rates are replacing COVID-19 case numbers.

Forget Going Back to the Office-People Are Just Quitting Instead

More U.S. workers are quitting their jobs than at any time in at least two decades, signaling optimism among many professionals while also adding to the struggle companies face trying to keep up with the economic recovery.

The Season of Churn: Pandemic-Influenced Employee Turnover – SoGoSurvey Blog

There’s no doubt that the pandemic was a bombshell, throwing the world as we knew it into chaos. It introduced the reality of social separation, shutdowns, remote working, almost zero travel, and wearing masks both indoors and out – along with the extra burden of organizing our kids’ home education.

The Great COVID Job Churn – Outcomes Magazine

When we gather together for The Outcomes Conference in June, I’m excited to share with you some of the latest research and discoveries we have made around hiring in a post-COVID world. In the coming year, hiring and interviewing will be much more focused on soft skills which I will explain, and I think you’ll …

Welcome to the summer of quitting. Why many of us are saying goodbye to our jobs

In late May, Sarah Lynch pulled the rip cord. The 31-year-old brand designer had been working at Coursera, the online education company, for five years. During the pandemic, a booming business in virtual learning meant Lynch was busier than ever – and sinking into burnout.

Half of workers plan to quit after COVID19 |

America is in the midst of a healthcare affordability crisis – and not just for the uninsured. The Kaiser Family Foundation recently reported that the average single deductible for health insurance is about $1,400. The average family deductible is nearly $4,000[1].

1 in 4 workers is considering quitting their job after the pandemic-here’s why

In 2019, workers were quitting their jobs at record rates, with labor experts saying workers did so in order to secure the pay raises and promotions they weren’t getting from within. Then, beginning in March 2020, the labor market shed 20.5 million jobs in the first few weeks of the coronavirus pandemic.

Workers are rage-quitting crappy jobs as COVID pandemic slows

As COVID-19’s stranglehold on the economy weakens, employees are releasing pent-up anger – by rage-quitting gigs they hate. “By the time you get down to that lowly stay-at-home mom that just wanted a part-time job – who is earning less than a hundred dollars a week because she’s making $7.25 an hour and only working 10 hours a week – it’s not worth it,” a former discount-store employee told Insider of her mentality before rage-quitting the job this spring.

Trying to Relocate: The Who, What, and Where

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