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Curated career advice for fashion industry professionals for the week of August 9th, 2021…

What’s happening to federal unemployment benefits after summer? Here’s what we know

Enhanced jobless benefits, which include $300 weekly bonus checks as well as assistance for freelancers and the long-term unemployed, are inching closer to their expiration date of Sept. 6. Some two dozen states had already chosen to pull the plug early on pandemic-related coverage, with governors claiming the benefit was disincentivizing out-of-work residents from filling jobs.

The Stress-Free Way to Go Back to the Office After COVID

After more than a year of remote work brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers are starting to reopen their offices-and workers have mixed feelings. Some relish the idea of collaborating with colleagues in-person and swapping their makeshift home office on their kitchen table for a dedicated workspace.

How to Negotiate Salary in 2021

Most professionals understanding that knowing how to negotiate salary is crucial. If you can negotiate successfully, you aren’t just boosting your pay today; you’re increasing your overall earnings potential for the rest of your life. Wow, right? Even knowing how powerful talking about pay during the job search process can be, only 39 percent of professionals actually try to negotiate.

Workers are ‘rage quitting’ their jobs as a tightening labor market forces employers to take note of unfavorable conditions and low pay

The waning days of the US coronavirus outbreak have prompted plenty of work-related reflection. The result is a pent-up feeling that is prompting some to walk off jobs in frustration. But is the advent of “rage quitting” really a positive thing for employees? Experts aren’t sure.

How to Explain Gaps in Employment (With Examples)

Guide to explaining gaps in employment on your resume AND interviews, with multiple proven methods, examples and sample reasons that are safe to use and will get you hired for a new job. Use this guide to prepare to explain any gaps in employment before talking to employers.

Trying to Relocate: The Who, What, and Where

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