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REPLAY: New Year, New Job!

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In anticipation of the increased hiring that happens every January, hosted a coffee talk on everything fashion industry professionals should to to obtain a new job in the New Year. You can catch Coffee w/Chris #21: New Year, New Job! here…

Here are some of the links we shared during the talk…

Upcoming Events 

StyleCareers Group

The Schmatte

StyleCareers Intern Group

Resume Tips

The Power of Documenting Work Accomplishments

How to beat the ATS

What is an ATS and why does it matter? 

Using ChatGPT to Write Your Resume

Why Recruiters Ghost Candidates

4 Reasons Recruiters Don’t Respond to Applications

ROI-Based Resumes

ELEVATOR PITCH: Not Just for Sales People

How to Answer, Tell Me About Yourself

The Fashion Industry’s Most Common Interview Questions

Chris Kidd is the owner of,,, and

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