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By  | surveyed over 200 fashion industry recruiters and hiring managers about the questions they ask during interviews. The idea was to compile the most common interview questions for Job Seekers so that they could be better prepared for the interviewing process.

First, we asked about the most common interview questions; those questions that are asked in every interview. Second, we asked which questions candidates had the most trouble answering. For fun, we asked recruiters and hiring managers to share some of the craziest responses from job seekers.

The following are the most common interview questions asked by fashion industry recruiters and hiring managers:

Note:  The second biggest pet peeve of fashion industry recruiters is unprepared candidates; candidates that couldn’t be bothered to research the hiring company.  The most common question asked by fashion industry recruiters and hiring managers as noted above, reflects this.


The following are the common interview questions that fashion industry job seekers struggled with the most:

Note:  I’m sure every recruiter and hiring manager would love to have a dollar for everytime a candidate answered the “greatest weakness” question with a reference to being a “perfectionist” and how that can be bad.


Finally, here are some of the craziest and/or most outrageous answers given by fashion industry job seekers:

Q: What motivates you to get out of bed each morning?  A: Unicorns and Glitter

Will you pay for my car lease?

Strengths?  I’m known for being great with the ladies!

Is company merch negotiable?

Someone said their favorite hobby was looking at “dank memes”

I don’t have any weaknesses.

I am leaving because my current boss is a monster, (and then followed by tears).

“My favorite class in college was my beer making class /club”

I don’t really need the money.

I don’t know anything about the product or the company I just saw the job and applied.  (Crazy because I get this answer a lot.)

I am looking for a position that I can wear my pj’s every day.

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