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Recruiter Interview – Debbie Ackerly

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Tell us a little about yourself.debbie-ackerly
DA: As the Manager of Talent Acquisition at dressbarn, I am responsible for sourcing, screening, recruiting and presenting qualified Design talent (as well as other functional areas).
I manage the talent acquisition process, building networks with candidates as well as other partner organizations.  I also manage strategic staffing initiatives such as building and hiring for our best-in-class summer internship program.  I am trained in behavioral interviewing techniques, and have a degree in psychology from Fordham University.

As I approach my fourth anniversary at dressbarn, I reflect on my career which has spanned several industries including: hospitality, pharmaceutical and now retail fashion.  dressbarn is by far my favorite experience!  At dressbarn, I can pursue my passion for connecting great fashion talent with career opportunities, while working in an inspiring culture that supports my focus on striving to be better in everything I do.

I am proud and fortunate to be part of such a wonderful organization – and to be able to bring other professionals into our extraordinary culture.   It’s a culture of collaboration, team, openness and creativity.  dressbarn challenges me to be better in every aspect of my life.  So I am growing personally as well as professionally.  And I have all the tools I need at my disposal to reach my goals.


What advice do you have for job seekers?
The best advice I can give to anyone is to pursue your passion and be open to learning; go outside your comfort zone and you’ll discover so many wonderful things about yourself.  Best of all, you will grow both personally and professionally.  Listen more and seek to first understand.   This will help in every discussion and in building your business relationships.

Prior to any interviews, it’s also important to complete your research on the company and role, and visit their stores. This will not only enhance your knowledge about the company, it will make a lasting impression with your interviewers.

Ensure a quality presentation in your resume and portfolio by having a friend read it over for you – sometimes we may overlook a word typed twice or other errors like inconsistent punctuation.

Rehearse prior to your interviews – you will be more confident in sharing your development, how you overcame challenges and achieved positive results.

Lastly, don’t forget to breathe deeply before your interviews, smile, maintain eye contact, and enjoy the discussions.  Follow-up with a thank you note to your interviewers and offer to return for any additional discussions.

In the interest of building exceptional Design and Technical Design teams, we are holding our first Fashion Design & Technical Design Career Fair on Wednesday, September 28th, from 10am – 5pm, at the Conference Center – John E. Reeves Hall at Fashion Institute of Technology.

If you or someone you know is interested in attending our Fashion Design event, where you will meet with hiring managers from dressbarn, please share our links to register, or you can simple walk-in to the event.


Why would a fashion industry job seeker want to work at dressbarn?
DA: In Spring 2015, dressbarn launched the DRESSBAR at dressbarn, the ultimate dress destination offering a unique digital and in-store experience. DRESSBAR is a curated collection of dresses and fashion accessories that includes exclusive designer collaborations designers like Carmen Marc Valvo and Ashley Graham. We believe that every dress has a story, and DRESSBAR honors its heritage while creating a compelling destination for new dress stories to begin.  Our core brand distinctions include offering her a curated assortment of brands designed to meet the many facets of her life, and we’re beautifully achieving this!


Come see us and discover why we love working for dressbarn, a fashion retail company where associates are supported in being their best in a very welcoming and inspiring environment. Connect with me on LinkedIn. If you have any questions regarding the event, please submit your questions to:

Join us and discover your dream job!

If you would like to be a featured recruiter on please contact:


dressbarn will be exhibiting at the FashionCareerFair in New York.

Face-to-face interviews will be held on Thursday, October 27th, 2016 at Penn Plaza Pavilion from 2pm to 7pm.

Visit for more details.

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