Production/Product Development Salary Survey

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If you work in Production or Product Development, we hope that you will participate in our Production & Product Development Salary Survey.

Our goal with this survey is to create the definitive compensation resource for fashion industry Production and Product Development professionals.  Given our focus on the industry, we expect the results to be much more accurate than those of Glassdoor or Indeed.

This survey contains live data and as such, you’ll be able to see results as they come in.  If anything, your participation lets you see what everyone else is making and what benefits they have.

Rest assured, your participation is strictly confidential; we aren’t even asking for your name or email address.  Results will be shown in aggregate form only.  The survey is only 12 multiple-choice questions.  The estimated time for completion is roughly 30 seconds.

Results and analysis will be presented on this page in the coming weeks.

Chris Kidd is the owner of,,, and

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