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Fashion Industry Side Hustles

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We recently conducted a survey of fashion industry professionals’ Side Hustles. With over 400 responses, here’s what we found:

Do you have a Side Hustle?

According to a recent Yahoo Finance survey, roughly 50% of all Americans have some sort of side hustle. According to the Side Hustle survey, 79.5% of fashion industry professionals claimed to have some sort of money-making opportunity on the side.

Part of this disparity is likely due to the fact that the Fashion Industry is more entrepreneurial than a lot of other industries.

The bigger contributing factor is likely due to the fact that the fashion centers of the US tend to have the highest costs of living.

Is your Side Hustle related to what you do in the fashion industry?

Almost 50% of fashion industry professionals who have a Side Hustle have Side Hustles that are related to the fashion industry.

While scholarly comparisons to the economy as a whole are scant, it is likely that fashion industry professionals are much more likely than the general population to have Side Hustles directly related to their current full-time gigs.

How much money do you make each month (on avg) with your Side Hustle?

Only 12% of respondents claimed to make more than $1000 per month, on average, with their Side Hustle with the bulk of fashion industry professionals, roughly 32% making between $250 and $1000 p/month.

Would you like your Side Hustle to turn into a full-time job?

Just under 43% of respondents would like their Side Hustle to turn into a full-time gig. As noted earlier, this is likely due to the entrepreneurial nature of the fashion industry OR the general dissatisfaction with employment conditions that exist in the industry.

What are some of the typical Side Hustles?

Of those who are doing Side Hustles that are not directly related to their current job, fashion industry professionals mirror the economy at large. Example Side Hustles include: Ride Sharing (Uber/Lyft), waiting on tables, bartending, online reselling, etc…

Of those who claimed to make $1000 or more p/month with their Side Hustle, the majority do consulting, freelance work or teach in their current industry.

Of those who claimed to make $1000 or more p/month with their Side Hustle and who do not claim that it is from the fashion industry, the stand-out job titles were: Real Estate Agent and Bartender.

Bottom Line: With almost 80% of fashion industry professionals working on some sort of Side Hustle, employers need to pay more.

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