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Career Advice Round-up for the Week of Dec 7th, 2020

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Curated career advice from around the web for the week of December 7th, 2020…

Pricing 101 – How To Price Yourself As A Freelancer

I want to share a story with you. The story is of two designers. Both designers make roughly $6,000 per month. Both designers have equal skills and capabilities. Both designers have a similar portfolio and quality of work. Yet there is one massive difference between these two designers.

1 in 3 people have turned down a job offer because of a company’s bad online reviews-but they’re not always true

Online reviews help consumers make decisions about everything including where to eat, what to buy and how much to pay for goods and services. They’re also increasingly a place job seekers turn in order to evaluate whether they want to work for a potential employer.

6 Things To Delete From Your Resume Immediately

How to Write an Elevator Pitch: A Step-by-Step Guide – Skillcrush

Next time you’re riding in an elevator with someone you need to impress, how would you like to go from small talk to talk that will seriously help your career? Crafting an effective elevator pitch is an art form, but it’s one you can master with a few easy steps.

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