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Career Advice Round-Up for the week of Dec 21st, 2020

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How To Avoid The Resume Black Hole

see photosClick for full photo gallery: How To Avoid The Resume Black Hole Have you spent countless hours writing, polishing and blasting your résumé-only to find that it ends up in a black hole, where you’ve sent it to dozens or even hundreds of places and never heard a thing?

8 Resume Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

Even though it’s among the most common advice given to job seekers, many applicants fail to proofread and ensure the document is free of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors and typos. In fact, in a 2018 TopResume survey, 79 percent of recruiters reported spelling and grammatical errors in a candidate’s resume as their biggest deal breaker.

Coronavirus hiring: How recruiters are selecting and interviewing job candidates during the pandemic

With a record 36.5 million Americans now unemployed and roughly 16% of the country’s workforce currently sidelined in the wake of coronavirus-related concerns, finding full-time work remains elusive for many. But even as financial markets remain volatile and 95% of the population remains under stay-at-home orders, companies in many fields such as technology, telecom and health care continue to engage in mass hiring.

10 Questions You Should Ask During an Interview

Scared to Return to Work Amid COVID-19? Here Are Your Options

Do you feel unsafe returning to work during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here’s what you need to know about your legal protections and rights

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